Providing Care for the Elderly since 1945


All of the Trustees are Quakers who are unpaid volunteers appointed by Quaker Meetings in the local area, very much according to Quaker rules. This ensures we maintain a strong group of Trustees.

Two of our Trustees are “Co-Clerks” (sharing the work of what would be the Chairman and Secretary in other organisations) and another is the Treasurer. There are four regular business meetings each year at which the strategy and policies of the Homes are decided. Important issues are shared at these meetings.

A skills audit is done of Trustees to ensure we keep a balance in specific areas of expertise.

In addition to the full Trustee meetings, we have a number of committees, which meet regularly to address specific areas, including the Investment Committee, the Management and Development Committee and the Strategy Committee.

Our regulations require one of the Trustees to visit each month and to prepare a written report for Management and Trustees. While each Trustee is asked to look at one of the CQC guidelines, key to the visit are the conversations with at least 3 residents and 3 members of staff. This ensures we maintain our open Quaker ethos and any possible concerns are aired as soon as possible.

Complaints which the managers cannot resolve to everyone’s satisfaction, would be referred to the Trustees. However, any issues that could even remotely have led to a complaint are taken to a Trustee much earlier to ensure it is dealt with quickly, fairly and to the resident’s or his or her family’s satisfaction.

” … here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.” Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass. The standards in most residential homes are improving. We want to stay where we are – in front.