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So much more than residential care, Bernhard Baron Care Home is a community, where you are given the space and support to enjoy your retired years. 

Visitors and Residents often find their perceptions of residential life are challenged as they see what Bernhard Baron Care Home have to offer. We believe this is because of some of our unique features. 

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“There is a rhythm to life here and in my first five years I have always felt contented and cared for.” 


Your choice of accommodation

At Bernhard Baron Care Home you have the choice to live in a self-contained cottage or take a room in the main house. Both options benefit from the care and support from our experienced team of carers but vary by the level of independence you need or want. Whichever option you choose, individual care plans are agreed with yourself ensuring you always get the support you need.

No loss of freedom

Freedom is encouraged for all Residents, whether in a cottage or the main building. It is a freedom to be yourself, to join in where you want to, a freedom to gain the security we can offer and freedom to visit friends and family either outside the Homes or inside.

Many people enjoy going out with a group of friends from the Homes in our minibus, others prefer not to participate. We will help you either way, but we will make sure that what you do is your choice.

Couples can stay together

BBCH offers accommodation for couples as well as singles. Many cottages are larger to provide more space for couples and in the main building, we have a number of adjoining rooms suitable for couples who would like a bedroom and a sitting room.

A warm welcome for all

BBCH is open to people of all faiths as well as people with no particular faith. For those who want to participate, we have an ecumenical service on Sundays as well as a Quaker meeting. Some people go to one of the churches in Polegate and some do not participate in any religious service. The choice is yours.

It's your home - always

Your room or your cottage is your home and the way you furnish it should reflect that. We will supply furniture on request but virtually all our Residents prefer to have the furniture which they are familiar with and which has all their memories. In the main building, we can supply electric beds which you can operate to your own comfort level.

Choosing the right time to move to residential care

No two people have the same reasons for choosing to come into residential care. Often people find it difficult to decide when is the right time to leave their present home and have dated visions of what residential care is. 

We recommend you start to consider your options early and look for a setting that works for you. Once you know what is available it is easier to understand when you are ready.  We say this because in our experience, it is quite common for our Residents, once they have settled, to say that they wished they had come sooner.

Whether Bernhard Baron Care Home are for you is for you to decide, why not visit us and see for yourself what sets us apart.

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