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The Diplock Stag, which is the centrepiece in our grounds, has aroused much interest and controversy over the years.


Sitting prominently in our driveway, we are all very fond of the stag and its attachment to the homes.  Whilst the reason for it coming to the Diplocks estate remains a mystery, we like to believe that the stag is the Chinese symbol of happiness and good fortune – true or not, it is what we wish our residents.

The Diplock Stag has a prominent place in the BBCH driveway

We do know the stag came from Southdown Hall, from an archway over the main drive leading from the High Street. An almost identical Stag was placed over a single lofty brick arch at Charborough Park, Dorset in 1841.

It is known that the Diplocks had “garden ornaments” imported from France soon after the house was built and an old gentleman from Polegate remembers being chased away by the gardener at “The Hall” for sitting on the stag when he was a boy. It is understood that the Stag was used in the design of beer labels for Diplock’s brewery.

The stag, in the middle of our main drive, has always been in a vulnerable position, and it has suffered both abrasions and fractures from passing vehicles. Several years ago a dust cart backed into it, and, although the stag was severely damaged, it has been restored to its  former glory. It is now surrounded by a high kerb in the hope of preventing further damage.