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ETC Magazine 20141215We are proud of our facilities for couples.Cansfields

Sometimes one partner needs a lot of care, and before moving into residential care both of them are housebound. Within the homes the more active one is more empowered to go out, knowing that their partner is being well cared for. It is our view that our latter years are not a time to be separated and we do everything to help you avoid this.

Most couples join us in a cottage which offers built-in wardrobes, modern ensuite facilities and a small kitchen. All residents are invited to the main building for lunch and generally breakfast and tea are enjoyed in the cottage. You have a wide choice in the supplies you want for these meals and if anything is missing, please ask.

If you have your own car, you will be provided with your own parking space, so you never have to worry. Of course you are also most welcome to join us on the minibus on our many outings, even if it is just for a shopping trip into town.

If something happens to one partner, the other will remain in a safe environment. Just to be clear, if this happens, no resident is ever moved from a doubles cottage to a singles cottage.

Couples sometimes feel the need to move into the main building. We then provide two rooms, one used as a private sitting room and one as a bedroom or both can be ‘bedsits’ if that is preferred. Some of these rooms have connecting doors and others are conveniently located to provide maximum privacy yet access to all care and social activities.

We find that couples are extremely important to the whole community which makes up Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes.