Providing Care for the Elderly since 1945


In most residential homes the meals form an importMenu02ant part of daily life and at Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes we are no different, so our kitchen team goes out of its way to make them special.

Every week a new menu is placed on the tables, the notice boards and in large print. The colour changes each week to avoid confusion . For an example of a menu click here.

The main meal is a three course meal plus a choice of fruit juices to start. The first course is a soup or a starter. These are announced on the day as the chef picks what is in season or particularly attractive.

“..As for the meals one couldn’t find better in a 5 star hotel!” Resident

There are always two choices for the main course, one being a vegetarian option. Residents can also choose something else like an omelet or a jacket potato. Some residents prefer not to have the sauce over their meal, others prefer a gravy. It is all possible and in most cases the kitchen staff will know in advance what the resident would like.

The pudding selection always has a rice pudding alternative and yogurts. Again personal preferences are taken into account as well as allergies, diabetes or anything else which might influence the resident’s choice.

Managers and staff join the residents at meal times and so do Trustees when they are in. This all helps to encourage the community, which is Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes.