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Gardeners' Paradise

Gardeners’ Paradise

January 20, 2014
by Harry Underhill

No, not the glasshouses at Kew but the Residents garden at BBCH Polegate! That at least was the vision in the mind of one resident attending the Garden Meeting held with Management on 15 January.

The plan is to develop three large beds (10ftx4ft) and another smaller bed near Paul’s greenhouse behind Cottages 8-9. The beds will be enclosed in railway sleepers and raised about 2.5 ft above ground, and made accessible to wheelchairs.

In the past individual residents have developed small gardens near their cottages but these have not lasted, and the aim this time is for a permanent residents’ garden. Many ideas came up as to what to grow, and this will be decided as we go along, between Paul and the Residents garden group.

One idea we did agree on was to include a “sensory garden” – where whatever our state of health we can find pleasure for our senses from the natural world around us. For example beautiful scents to smell, shapes and colours to see, flowers or leaves tasty to nibble and soft to touch, and perhaps a wind chime or simply the wind in the trees to hear. And of course a bench or two for relaxation in the summer warmth!

But who is going to do the work? Paul is happy to help but we residents want to do as much as we can. And some help has already been offered by a local friend outside BBCH, and this might extend to some creative involvement with the local Polegate community.

It is still early days but do let Management know your ideas if you would like to join in.