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Palace of Varieties

Palace of Varieties

June 14, 2013

That is how we shall remember the BBCH dining room on Friday 26th April. What fun we had, a lovely evening of music, dance, singing, stories and some excellent old fashioned recitations.

We heard revelations about housekeeping, the admin department, the life of a policeman, a saint in a low country and the joys of the sunshine coast.

Music was featured in many of the nineteen performances, and dancing. The BBCH Ballet Company produced some unique dance routines, contemporary styles not even performed by the Royal Ballet. There were hints of mixed genders, hugely appreciated by the audience.

The dining room seemed to vibrate to some of the rhythms, joined in by the spectators who even rose to their feet for one song.

So many stars, so much fun. Can you remember it all?


Did St Nicholas wear an orange t-shirt?

Who did a walkabout act with a zimmer frame?

Where were the flying fishes on a road?

In amongst the pirates the policeman was not happy

One lady was as stately as a galleon

Even the teddy bears made music

Who were the tall ‘young ladies’ who performed such a bruising dance?

A mother and daughter in separate acts


There was even a tale of a tail.