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Savouring Traditions: A Scottish Twist to Our Cheese and Wine Evening in Celebration of Robert Burns

Updated: Jan 31

On a cosy January night, we hosted a delightful evening that combined the charm of a cheese and wine gathering with the spirited celebration of Burns Night—a festive tribute to the life and poetry of the renowned Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

This unique fusion brought together the timeless pairing of cheese and wine with a touch of Scottish flair, all while paying homage to Brie & Crackers!

Coryn Roberts, the skilled pianist, infused the atmosphere with the resonance of Scottish tunes, adding a distinctive layer to the overall ambiance.

In the midst of the celebration, our residents thoroughly enjoyed exploring various wine and cheese pairings. Laughter echoed throughout the room as they relished the delightful combinations, accompanied by relishes, grapes, and a variety of breads, biscuits, and crackers. This lovely experience forged lasting memories for everyone present.

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