Providing Care for the Elderly since 1945

Polegate Quaker Trust

The Polegate Quaker Trust (PQT) provides financial support to residents who find they can no longer afford the fees of the Homes. The Management of BBCH updates Trustees at each Trustee Meeting with the level of need, which continues to increase year on year.

BBCH is a charity and is able to keep charges relatively low. High quality care is increasingly expensive to provide and the amount that local authorities are able to contribute is under severe pressure. BBCH has as its goal to take care of residents for the rest of their lives, irrespective of their financial position. To achieve this BBCH helped establish the Polegate Quaker Trust (PQT).

For many years the PQT operated as a separate charity, but in 2014 the Trustees of PQT decided they should merge with the Homes. The name was retained for the ring-fenced funds to support residents in financial need.

The PQT continues to rely on donations and bequests from well-wishers who may be current residents or families of current or former residents as well as Quaker Meetings across the country.