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The Resident's New iPad

The Resident’s New iPad

January 27, 2016

We have a new iPad for the residents! As over 25% of our residents are online anyway this iPad will help those who don’t have computers and their families are far away or if they are nearby but don’t get to see them much. It’s a chance to engage with family & friends by making the residents not feel isolated from their loved ones. The iPad is very user friendly and is great because it’s a natural extension of the normal interface between the hand and the brain and there is no real manual effort in using one.

The advantages of Facetime App for our residents is that they can see who they are chatting to, not just hear their voice. With the camera you see what’s going on in their surroundings too, you might move it to the garden or to show a room in the house,which can be great fun and very engaging. We lookforward to having feedback from the residents to see how they get on with it.. Watch this space!