We offer a three-course midday meal prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen, offering flexible options, and the menu is decided weekly as the chef likes to select seasonal and local produce. We have a full, busy kitchen team, including our

four excellent chefs!

We cater for vegetarians, and for something lighter, Residents can choose options like an omelet or a jacket potato. 
Across all courses, personal preferences are taken into account as well as allergies, diabetes, or other considerations.

Management and staff join the Residents at mealtimes, as do the Trustees when they are in. 
This all helps to maintain our friendly community environment, which is what Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes is all about.

breakfast and tea are served in the dining room or in Residents’ own rooms and friends and family are welcome to join everyone for a meal. 

This is your home, but you will have more choice, and we do the washing up!

In most residential homes the meals form an important part of daily life and at Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes we are no different, so our kitchen team goes out of its way to make them special.

Vegetables grown at BBCH

Cabbage grown by one of our residents


Chef Luke, preparing the cabbage for lunch


Most Residents will rise and meet in the communal area at their own pace. From there breakfast is served at around 8:15 and the day can begin.

At 12:30 pm lunch is served in the main dining room. If you have other plans, we are happy to serve you an early lunch, in fact, most days there is a small group enjoying just that. Lunch consists of a fruit juice followed by a choice soup or a starter, two choices of main course (one of which is vegetarian), followed by two choices of pudding. If you want anything else like an omelet,  jacket potato or yogurt, just ask. 

Example Menus

menu example.png
menu example (1).png
Food Hygiene Rating 5