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Residential enquiries

We welcome enquiries from anyone who feels they would like to apply to become a resident at Bernhard Baron Care Home in the future. 

Whilst our website can give you a flavour of our Home, there is nothing better than making a visit in person - and we invite you to do so, perhaps accompanied by friends or family.

Come for a walk in our gardens, have a cuppa in our lounge and look at the rooms for yourself. You can speak to our residents and ask any questions you might have.


Registration process

Following your visit to our Home, we would welcome your submission of your name to our “Interested List” saying when you might be ready to move in. Whilst that might be tricky to foresee exactly when you might be ready, we do recommend you submitting your request as early as you can. Many of our applicants put their names down years in advance, partly to get a place in the queue, and to give time to familiarise themselves with the Homes in advance.

We keep everyone on the list informed about the Home and advised when a suitable room becomes available. We encourage everyone to keep in touch and visit us during this time.


Becoming a resident

When a vacancy arises in the cottages or the main building, we consider people near the top of the list who might be ready to come in, and for whom the vacant accommodation is most suitable. They are offered a 4 week “trial period” staying in the Homes. At the end of that time, they may choose to move in permanently, to remove their names from the list, or to say that while they are not ready to move in, they would like to stay on the list.

Waiting times

The waiting time varies according to the needs of the applicants and the type of accommodation available at the time. Some people have been on the “Interested List” for some time may still not be ready for a place, so some new applicants can be offered places very quickly.

Both the applicants and the Home participate in the decision about whether a permanent place will be offered and whether it will be accepted.

To register your interest, call us on 01323 483613 or simply email

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