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We are proud of our facilities for couples, and we do our very best to ensure couples have the facilities to stay together for as long as they want to.

Our couple’s accommodation enables you to continue living together as before, safe in the knowledge you have the support network on hand should you need it.

We find that couples often have a fear of losing their privacy or right to be together. That couldn’t be further from the truth here. Partners are encouraged to live as they would before, we just provide the safety net should you ever need it.

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If one partner is more mobile than the other, or if you have concerns about what might happen if you pop out then couple accommodation is fantastic option for you. Not only that, you both get the benefit of the community around you offering peer support and companionship.

Most couples join us in a cottage which offers slightly more space and privacy, including modern en-suite facilities and a small kitchen. Lunch is cooked for you and baskets made up daily, packed with everything you need for tea and breakfast. You can choose to enjoy your meals in private or join the other Residents in the dining room – or do a mixture.

If you have your own car, you will be provided with your own parking space, so you can come and go as you choose. Of course, you are also most welcome to join us on the minibus on our many outings, even if it is just for a shopping trip into town.

If something happens to one partner, the other will be able to remain in their home in a safe environment.

Couples sometimes feel the need to move into the main building. We then provide two rooms, one used as a private sitting room and one as a bedroom or both can be ‘bedsits’ if that is preferred. Some of these rooms have connecting doors and others are conveniently located to provide maximum privacy yet access to all care and social activities.

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