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Daily life at BBCH

Daily life at BBCH starts with a cup of tea for the residents in the main building at the time of their choosing. You may like it earlier or you may like it later on – after all, you are retired.

Breakfast is served in the main dining room from 8.15am onwards, but some residents prefer to have breakfast served in their rooms. No two people are the same and neither are their rooms. You are living in what is called ‘me time’ in today’s world and we are simply there to make it more about you.

There is usually a morning activity either on-premises or out in our 14 seater minibus with a wheelchair lift, easy entrance for the more able, air conditioning and double heater. Our lounges are always open and you may enjoy reading one of the many daily papers in our Main Lounge while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. A member of staff will make it for you, or you can use our self-service coffee machines, perhaps with help from another resident.

At 12:30 pm lunch is served in the main dining room. If you have other plans, we are happy to serve you an early lunch and most days there is a small group enjoying the early lunch. Lunch consists of a fruit juice followed by a choice soup or a starter, two choices of main course (one of which is vegetarian), followed by two choices of pudding. If you want anything else like an omelette or a jacket potato or yoghurt, just ask.

In the afternoon there is an activity in one of the lounges on most days. The television is very seldom on, so seldom that it is now no longer visible in the main lounge. However, for the Queen’s Speech or Wimbledon, the screen drops down and we project the event. On Friday and Saturday nights, there is usually a film chosen by a group of Residents from our online accounts. The tea trolley does the rounds, but some Residents choose to get their own in the main lounge. The choice is yours.

The evening meal is served at 5:30 pm. Again you have a choice and occasionally residents opt to have tea in their rooms. We like residents to remain socially active, but the choice is yours.

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