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Paws for Positivity: The Importance of Animal Companionship in Our Care Home

Meet Bloom, the latest addition to our care home community from Pet Pals Therapy. Born on February 3rd 2023, this gentle giant weighing 8 and a half stone has quickly become the heart warming visitor spreading joy and fur among our residents.

Research consistently shows that interactions with therapy animals, like Bloom, can have profound effects on well-being. From enhancing mood and reducing stress to fostering a sense of connection, the benefits are invaluable.

Animal therapy advantages extend to various positive outcomes such as lowering heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and elevating mood, to name just a few.

Visits from Pet Pals Therapy  create a warm and inviting atmosphere, filled with laughter and shared moments that leave a lasting paw print on our hearts.

Pet Pals Therapy specialises in offering animal therapy to the elderly and adults with learning disabilities for over a decade. Their service focuses on providing users with a low-energy, relaxation-based activity program. Conducting quarterly visits, Pet Pals Therapy ensures a diverse and engaging experience for residents by incorporating various types of animals in each hour-long session, promoting both visual stimulation and tactile interaction.

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