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Exploring the Wild Side: A Day with ZooLab's Critter Crew

Adventure was brought to our residents by the ZooLab team. From snakes to tarantulas, giant snails, and even cockroaches, it was a day filled with learning and some unforgettable moments.

As the presentation began, our residents were immediately drawn in by the wealth of knowledge shared about each creature. From the graceful slither of a snake to the delicate movements of a tarantula, every detail was met with awe and fascination.

One of the highlights of the ZooLab visit was learning surprising facts about these misunderstood creatures. Did you know that some cockroaches are actually clean insects and play crucial roles in ecosystems? Or that giant snails have thousands of teeth? There seemed to be a newfound appreciation for the critters.

Our residents had the chance to interact with the animals up close. With gentle guidance from the ZooLab team, they touched the smooth scales of a snake and felt the softness of a giant snail.

We didn't just learn about animals; we forged connections and created memories that will last a lifetime. Here's to many more adventures on the wild side!

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