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Mystery of the Missing Stag

This week, our BBCH Play Reading Group and our activities team hosted a mystery event. BBCH was transformed into a hub of intrigue and excitement as we held a unique mystery event: a convention of the world's most famous detectives, spies, and secret agents. The likes of James Bond, and Father Brown to Miss Marple and Miss Peacock boasted about their most challenging and thrilling cases!

However, amidst these tales of intrigue, an unexpected mystery unfolded right here at BBCH—our beloved stag went missing! The renowned detectives in attendance were immediately on the case, each one a suspect themselves! Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood (Maria) and Inspector Clouseau (Tony) led the investigations. Our audience eagerly formed their own suspicions and theories about the culprit over Pimms and strawberries and cream!

After much speculation and investigation, the mystery was finally solved. It turns out the culprit was none other than Lord Peter Wimsey!

Great fun had by all!

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